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Poly Culture


London Design Biennale 2018 Medal in partnership with POLY CULTURE  

Poly Culture is committed to internationalisation and cultural exchange. Poly Culture North America Investment Company, along with its subsidiary in Vancouver, have organised over ten exhibitions, bringing world class Chinese art to the North American market.

In recent years, Poly Culture has introduced performances by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Johann Straus Orchestra, San Francisco Opera House and other world-famous performing institutions. In 2005 Poly Culture organised the world tour of the China Philharmonic Orchestra to America, Canada and Europe. In 2017, Poly Culture also co-produced the musical ‘An American in Paris’.

In addition, Poly Culture has the largest auction platform for Chinese artworks, with the aim of building a comprehensive industry chain for artworks including auction, trade, appraisal, valuation, investment consulting, promotion, exhibition, storage and repair. Since 2009, Poly Auctions has been the champion for annual Chinese art auction turnover globally.  

“Poly Culture was very honoured to participate in London Design Biennale. We look forward to a prosperous partnership together and hope to use the power of art and design to positively change the world.” Jiang Yingchun, CEO Poly Culture Group