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Panasonic Design



Developed by Panasonic Design to influence behavioural patterns, Kasa was an experiential exploration into the future relationship between people and objects.

A symbol of the craftsmanship of Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan and new home to Panasonic Design, Kasa reacted to the behaviour of the user, with the object descending into darkness when approached or handled aggressively. Through reinforcing positive actions and discouraging negative ones, Panasonic Design hoped to promote a transition towards a new relationship between people and objects, whereby the latter are treasured and handled with care and the former are inspired with feelings of calm and happiness.

This is part of a wider vision to enrich lives and improve peoples’ wellbeing through technology. Kasa was part of a collection of objects created by Panasonic’s co-creation project, Kyoto KADEN Lab, to gain a deeper understanding of the manufacturing industry’s origins and subsequently develop new categories of design. 


  • Curator: Takehiro Ikeda, Creative Director, Panasonic Design
  • Design Team: Panasonic Design
  • Supporting Body: Panasonic Kyoto KADEN Lab.