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JuXt Beirut

The enchanting and inconsistent city of Beirut is a mishmash of juxtapositions, contrasting visual structures and compositions, divergent social situations that create, imitate and reveal contradictory realities.

Mundane and extraordinary all at once, this lived every day is juXt Beirut, a designed spatial take on a frenetic city that refuses to decide between fantasy, delusion and reality.

Walking through JuXt Beirut, the visitor experiences the power of a city thriving between old and new, nostalgia and trend, decadence and devoutness, absurd and sensible – a city that flourishes in its inherent paradoxes and a constant ability to reinvent itself.

  • Designed by Rana Salam Studio
  • Board of Trustee and Supporting Partner - Rose Issa Projects 
  • Board of Trustee - Janine Maamari
  • Guest Artist - Fouad Elkoury