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Saturday 24 September, 6pm

Title: Biotopia: Towards A Biological Ideal
Speakers: Melissa Sterry, Claudia Pasquero, Heather Barnett, Emma Flynn

Outline: Join design scientist/systems theorist Melissa Sterry, architect/author Claudia Pasquero and bioartist/researcher Heather Barnett as they explore the potentialities of Biotopia and our journey towards a biological urban ideal. Fields explored will include biological systems, computing, materials, and architecture.

Design scientist and systems theorist Melissa Sterry is recognised as a world leading authority on the science, technology and thinking that could help build a better world. A recipient of several national and international innovation, creativity and enterprise awards, she is a visiting fellow/lecturer and guest critic at several leading architecture and design research institutes. A PhD researcher at University of Greenwich, her research interests converge in Bionic City, which posits the potential of the city as a complex regenerative and adaptive system that mimics ecological resilience strategies.

Claudia Pasquero director of ecoLogicStudio in London, director of the Urban Morphogenesis Lab in Bartlett UCL, senior staff at IAAC in Barcelona as well Adapt-r research fellow at the Estonian Accademy of Art in Tallinn; Claudia is an architect, author and educator, her work is focused on relationship between ecology and the city. She has been Unit Master at the AA in London and visiting critic at Cornell University upon others. Her projects have been published and exhibited throughout the world, at various Biennales. She is co-author of Systemic Architecture: Operating manual for the self-organizing city, published by Routledge.

Heather Barnett's art practice engages with natural phenomena, complex systems and biological design. Working with live organisms and imaging technologies, her work explores how we observe, influence and understand the world around us. Projects include microbial portraiture, cellular wallpapers, performing cuttlefish, and an ongoing 'collaboration' with an intelligent slime mould, Physarum polycephalum. She is Course Lecturer on the MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) and chairs London LASER art and science talks.

Emma Flynn leads Research and Development at the London-based architecture practice Astudio. A practicing architect and design researcher, Emma's work broadly focuses on the future architectural landscape in relationship to nature, exploring environmental responsiveness and resilience in the context of climate change and resource depletion. Emma is a tutor in Environmental Design at The Bartlett, UCL; Design Think Tank leader at the London School of Architecture; and works with students at Brunel University as part of the EU Co-Innovate programme.