Taiwan's installation, Eatopia, celebrates diversity in the pursuit of a utopian state, and offers visitors a unique culinary experience in a tranquil forest-like setting. In More's Utopia, a contented community eats lunch and dinner together every day, and food is always plentiful. These meals play a crucial part in creating the ideal society's strong social bond. For the Biennale, architect Rain Wu and designer Shikai Tseng have rethought the utopian dining experience with a constructivist menu designed to explore the creative melting pot of Taiwanese identities. The installation promises to engage all of the visitors' senses, to refresh and provide 'food for thought'.

Administering Bodies: Chinese Institute of Urban Design, Taiwan; cxcity
Design Team: Rain Wu, Shikai Tseng, Chung-Ho Tsai, Lydia Chang
Curators: Rain Wu, Shikai Tseng
Supporting Bodies: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan; Taipei City Government Cultural Division; World Design Capital Taipei 2016; RC Culture and Arts Foundation; Pasadena International Group; Stone & Resource Industry R&D Centre; Hoomia; Layer One Co. Ltd.; Milk Tea & Pearl

Photo: Ed Reeve