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A Journey Around the Neighbourhood Globe

Yasuhiro Suzuki's installation, A Journey Around the Neighbourhood Globe, promised to change the way we look at everyday things. Suzuki likes to take a sideways look at everyday objects, a Japanese concept called 'mitate' or 'looking at one thing as if it were another'. His installation consisted of a large inflatable human figure, titled 'Napping Traveller', and acrylic suitcases that contain Suzuki's works inspired by everyday objects. "Although everything inside will be familiar to visitors, they can use these objects to look at things in a fresh way," Suzuki said. "When they leave the room, visitors' way of looking at the world will have changed."

Photo: Bradley Lloyd Barnes

Administering Body: The Japan Foundation
Design Team: Yasuhiro Suzuki (Artist); Noriko Kawakami (Curatorial Advisor); Hiroshi Kashiwagi, Motomi Kawakami, Kozo Fujimoto, Noriko Kawakami (Advisory Committee)
Supporting Bodies: WOW inc.; Mediaturge Inc.; ROCKET Project (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo)