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ANIPAKOI (Ανυπακοή)

Explorations of disobedience date back to Ancient Greece in the design of its mythology; from the cautionary tale of Ikaros, to Antigone, to Prometheus; a hero who disobeys the gods, to yet obey his moral obligation to humanity and create opportunity for its progress.

Greece's design explores this duality in the nature of disobedience. How can design evoke disobedience yet harness its constructive form?

Greece's kinetic installation entices the public to claim agency of creative disobedience and explore the alternative emotional pathways it evokes through a dialogue of body and space. Platforms of material and structural logic construct this environment that becomes an emotional amplifier, a physical megaphone, to the emotions in disobedient behaviour: from curiosity, frustration to temptation to excitement and wonder.


  • Designed by Studio INI of Nassia Inglessis and team E. Brial, M. Vordonarakis, L.Walker, N. L’ Huiller J. Bertolaso, A. Kyriakopoulou, A. Yioti and Neiheiser | Argyros
  • Primary Sponsor: Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg
  • Further Sponsors: Yiotis S.A., S&B (O. Kyriakopoulos), NEON, Martinos Art, Leventis Foundation.
  • Image Credit: Luke Walker (Photography), Adélie Lavail (Dancer)