Utopia Means Elsewhere

Split into two spaces - one light and the other dark - Konstantin Grcic and Olivia Herms's Utopia Means Elsewhere, explores the psychological, subjective roots of the idea of utopia. The piece takes its title from a quote by John Malkovich that is set in classic typography on an outsized easel in a brilliant white space. In an ancillary, darkened room you can sit in chairs of Grcic's design in contemplation around a flickering, hypnotic digital fire, so as to encourage your mind to drift off 'elsewhere'.This is intended to encourage collective dreaming and evoke humanity's primordial fantasy of a better world.

Administering Body: German Design Council
Design Team: Konstantin Grcic, Olivia Herms
Curator: Konstantin Grcic
Supporting Bodies: Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy; Federal Foreign Office; Foundation Deutsches Design Museum

Photo: Ed Reeve