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Es Devlin


Mask II

Mask II was a new iteration of Es Devlin’s project-mapped sculptural commission located in the Great Arch Hall of Somerset House.

An ovoid, mask-shaped concave form was sculpturally imprinted with dense urban geometry. A river divided the map: a mirror-distorted image of a human brain.

A film was superimposed on the sculpture, transforming it into a distorting mirror, sometimes glass, sometimes diffusing treacherously into water. A reflected face tried repeatedly to find itself, to define itself, working its way through a series of masks and states: emotional, geographical and geometrical.

The work considered the range of scales of time and space that we simultaneously perceive and choose to remain blind to as we calibrate our position within the period that we now call the Anthropocene: when what we know about the environmental impact of each thing we touch will soon preclude us from touching anything in the same way again.


  • Designer: Es Devlin
  • Design Team: Luke Halls Studio (Video design), res.lab (Sound design), Jade Pybus (Vocals), Canon (Projection Equipment), Rossco LTD (Sound Equipment), Michael Whiteley (Construction), Bay productions, Ruby Law (Associate designer)