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Cuba celebrated a political revolution in 1959; now it is on the cusp of a digital revolution, which is given structure in the modular system, PARAWIFI. There are now 135 wi-fi spots in Cuba, most in Havana. As smartphone users surf the web, using prepaid access cards, and engage with the utopian realm that is the virtual cloud, they have to stand or sit on the kerb and other makeshift street furniture. The designers Luis Ramirez and Michel Aguilar want to change all that with a series of pods, reminiscent of Verner Panton's Living Towers, that can be clustered to form digital oases that radically rethink urban space.

Photo: Bradley Lloyd Barnes

Administering Body Foundation Caguayo
Design Team Luis Ramirez, Michel Aguilar
Curators: Luis Ramirez, Michel Aguilar
Supporting Body: Design and Printing TOKAO