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A reflection on the fragile balance of utopia, mischer'traxler's kinetic light sculpture, LeveL, was poised to unsteady itself at the slightest movement. When the mobile is perfectly still, the lights are at their brightest, illuminating the room fully. As visitors entered and moved around the space, their breath and the drafts of air created made the rods tilt and the LEDs dim, setting the mobile out of balance. The delicate and ever-changing sculpture reflected on the precariousness of the utopian ideal, and its potential to unravel when subjected to the reality of everyday life.

Photo: Ed Reeve
Photo: Bradley Lloyd Barnes

Administering Body: Austria Design Net
Design Team: mischer'traxler studio
Curator: Thomas Geisler / MAK Vienna
Supporting Bodies: Federal Chancellery of Austria — Arts and Culture; Advantage Austria; Austrian Cultural Forum London